Should I take her offer of a blind date?

My bestfriend and I separated at the end of middle school because we had to go to different high schools. however, we still keep in touch everyday since then and try to see each other at least once a month.

For the past two weeks she's been making jokes that this guy she's friends with now would be "perfect" for me and thinks we should meet up one day. I've heard a lot about him, and he's obviously a nice guy if he's friends with her considering she's very reserved and doesn't talk to many people.

She says we share a similar style, morals and interests, considering we both like rock music and flannels (a more comfort over style look), want a non-sexual relationship and both aspire to be writers. Not to mention, from pictures I've seen, he's fairly attractive.

The funny part is that when we were in Pre-K me and this guy knew each other. Our mother's are friends and my mom worked with his dad, and apparently we dressed up as Dora and Diego accidently one year. I remember nothing, he says he kind of remembers, but not much.

I haven't seen him since I was like 4, and I know it sounds stupid considering I'm in highschool and everything up there sounds perfect, but should I really take the offer? Because if I do, it'll technically be my first real date.


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  • Ho for it when your lying in a pool of your own blood dieing you regret what you didn't do a lot more than what you did do


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