Long distance relationships?

Do you think they can work? Why?

((please comment if you're in an ldr where you and your S/O are from))

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  • it super situational, it has all the problems of a normal relationship + any complications the long distance adds to that makes it really hard to last. If both individual are totally committed in making it work then I don't see why it wouldn't, but that is a very hard thing to accomplish.


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  • I'm in one right now and we've been talking for 8-ish months now? So far it's really easy for us despite being from different continents (N. America and Europe). We have really strong trust and we like each other a lottt so there's always been zero concern about cheating or giving up on each other.
    I think the reason it's so easy for us is because:
    1. We both think this is "the one" so going through long distance is worth it:P
    2. I don't mind long distance at all. I grew up with technology so I enjoy messaging
    3. We do things to make it more fun such as talking on the phone, playing video games together, or sending each other surprise packages/gifts
    4. We're super open communication-wise. If something is wrong we don't play dumbass mind games and we try our best to fix it

    We're getting kind of sick of being long distance and want to meet already but we're planning on it soon so no worries. They can definitely work out.

    • That's how I felt in the beginning. This is the one. And I still do, but he betrayed my trust once, and it seems like we are out if that "honeymoon" phase of the relationship. when things start feeling less fairytale and become.. for lack of better word, "real". We are more distant. where as we used to talk on the phone almost everyday, we now only talk a handful of times a month. and I don't know if this is normal or if we are growing apart.

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    • Thanks for MHO :)

    • no problem 😃

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What Guys Said 7

  • I'm in one and we play video games together all the time. We were interested in all the same things and though hey why not. It's worked out great so far.

    • I'm glad to hear that 😊

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    • If you want it to work it take effort. But I'm honestly happier now in a long distance relationship than in the last 5 relationships I've been in. This summer I made plans to take a trip out to her. She's a 10 hour trip one way just for perspective.

    • congratulations! I hope you have a great visit. mine is 32 hours by plane including layovers. 😢

  • Generally speaking, no. The only way they can work is if two conditions are satisfied:

    1) The couple has previously developed a strong bond before the distance was imposed.
    2) The couple successfully maintains the bond by regularly communicating by phone / Skype and by regularly traveling to be in each other's company with a frequency great enough to prevent the "wondering hearts" phenomenon that generally occurs in most long-distance relationships.

  • if I find a girl like me (care, praise) a charactered person It will work! let's imagine I'm in love my girl in some country, the way I think will be- I always think about her, calls her after sometime, when she comes back the emotions! Damn they are magical

  • it really difficult. and it really depends
    most of them broke.
    but remaining which do not broke are like diamonds.

    it work when physical is just. a word. and you guys are at heightest level of understanding.

    in long distance relationship.
    there should always be a good understanding towards each other. love and care. good communication.
    trust and loyalty not with the lover only but with yourself too that you will never cheat or. betray them just becuase they cannot see you.

    i will surly do if i find the right person. but I will not waste my time on finding one.

    long distance relationship is extremely difficult. but I trust in long distance relationship. but this is not for everyone.( only 5% (or even less) of the people of this world. )

  • depends on the people involved

  • No, they don't.

    • I'm curious why you think so?

    • Because there has to be physical contact, that's what really creates a connection between two people. Looking at each other in the eyes, holding hands, hugging, kissing... just the simple presence of that person and being able to speak face to face.
      I personally need the physical aspect of a relationship; to me, words don't matter as much as a hug, so that's why I don't think long distance relationships work... they may work for a while, but they will never last.

    • yeah, the physical aspect is important, but the lack of the physical aspect isn't meant to be indefinite. So.. I'm hoping I only need it to work for a little while. thanks for taking the time to reply

  • I don't think so

    • may I ask why you say so? just curious.

    • because it's very difficult to take care of every little thing which kinda instills a feeling inside your partner's head that you don't like them anymore

    • very true

What Girls Said 4

  • I'm in one rn and its way too early to say anything so I'll just say it needs maximal crazy effort and maximal trust bcs its not something easy
    There are people who still get weirded out when I tell them but hey... when I'm able to like someone without physical interaction then it will be out of this world when we see each other
    Also , the distance effects a lot
    The closer the better but you gotta do stuff for fun so you both don't get bored you know
    And meet asap

    • oh gosh I relate so much. whenever I mention I'm in an ldr, especially around older people, it gets very quiet, and you can almost see the concern on their faces.

    • Oooh yeah exactly sameee

  • I've been long distance with my boyfriend for over a year because of his job.
    It's good overall, but there are rough spots as you would expect.
    We are in two different states in the US.

    • yeah, I've been in a long distance relationship for about a year and a half now, but the distance is extreme. and sometimes. I honestly doubt he's still invested in the relationship.

  • nope.

  • Yes it's possible for them to work if both are committed to making it work, get together frequently and don't plan on it being long distance forever. I am in a ldr (I'm in England and he's in America).


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