How to get over someone?

i like a guy i even cut for him he told me he doesn't love me bit he cussed at me and so did I he was embarrassed I told his friends I liked him he broke up with his ex girlfriend because he never really liked her and he stares at me smiles at me but doesn't look at any other girl at all as much me and my friends have observed his friends tease him around me and wpuld say i love you whenever im around and i ignore him so he wouldn't know I still like him and it works I just wanted to tell you this he is more of like a burden than love please its killing me help


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  • What the hell do you mean that you cut for him? Are you saying that you cut your flesh cuz if that's the way it is 99% of all guys with a brain will run from you so you probably mean something else right? Oh I just realized that you terminated a relationship for him ha ha I have never cut a cute chick for another so my bad


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