He's just a friend?

The one question us guys hate to hear. And so ensues a little bit of jealousy, doubt, and forever bringing up trust issues.
Whats your take?


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What Girls Said 1

  • What's the question sorry?
    Girls don't have to have feelings for every guy who likes her. If you're feelings aren't returned then as disappointing as it may be, you are just a friend.

    • We're engaged. But when I ask her she says he's a friend and that is all he ever will be. She's actually an asshole to a lot of people and has a small circle of about five friends she trusts.

    • So what's the problem if he's just a friend? Lol you haven't given any information on the situation, or what you're asking so it's kind of hard to form an opinion

What Guys Said 1

  • It's stupid when women say that.

    There is no such thing. guys only hang with women they are attracted to.

    I think you really need to see this to understand fully:


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