Do girls want to hear that guys like them before moving to relationship?

Ok, so this is question for both girls and guys, do you think that before moving to relationship, girls want to hear that guy likes them? Especially when they are 15-18 years old. Or do they prefer to just move to relationship without saying anything but just spending time together?
  • I think that girls wants to hear, that guy likes them before moving to relationship
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  • I think that girls don't care about the guy saying it, if they spend a lot of time together
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What Girls Said 2

  • Of course. My one requirement to be in a relationship is I have to be in love with the person so if I'm in love with them and they haven't even told me they like me then that's pretty upsetting.

  • absolutely


What Guys Said 1

  • depend on person.
    if she just want to use as a friend for benefit or a relationship for sex then they will not a ask.

    some people ask to ensure it.


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