If a guy prefers women of his own ethnicity, why is he dating outside his race?

I'm Latina and my boyfriend is white. I recently discovered an inactive dating profile of his where he says that he prefers to have children with someone of his own ethnicity. Does this mean that I'm not good enough?


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  • Maybe it means that he did not know himself very well when he wrote that profile and you have convinced him that at least some Latin women are muy caliente!

    • Do you think he may have changed his overall preferences in a few years or am I just an exception?
      He has dated all kinds of women in the past and he told me he likes Spanish girls.

      How can I stop obsessing over this?

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    • Yes, why?

    • That means it is appropriate to have a talk about "where are we going with this relationship? Is our racial/cultural difference a problem for you?"

      by the way, although I generally date only Caucasian women, I am a mentor to high school students and one of the girls who I work with is Hispanic ("Lopez") and I think she is stunningly beautiful! If I was a young man, she would definitely have my attention.

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  • You can make a difference in his world-preference. when if ever a break up happens... He will only find Latinas amazing and obly go for them.
    Or you can turn him off from all Latinas.

    • So you think that he just likes latinas in general?

      How do I know if he already liked them before he met me? He could have met other latinas after he made that profile.

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  • How old is the profile?

    • Couple of years

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    • Do you think his racial preferences may have changed in a few years, or am I an exception to that rule?

      I can't help but think that he probably finds girls of my race ugly, except for me...

    • It's easy to identify guys who don't find latinas attractive. They usually carry a white cane with a red tip, AND they suffer from cognitive disabilities. If he has BOTH traits, then he MAY find latinas unattractive. Otherwise no.

  • To get laid.


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  • People change. That was then, you are now. Don't let your insecurities send him backwards.

    • Do you think that his overall preferences might have changed, or was I an exception?

      He says he is very attracted to me and likes Spanish girls.

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    • Yeah, you're right.
      It just bothers me that he initially preferred white girls and makes me think that he might not like latinas (the group I belong to) as much and makes me question when/how did he all of a sudden develop an attraction for latinas. You get what I'm saying?

      I know I'm obsessing, but I don't know how not to.

    • I do get what you're saying. To stop obsessing, can't you just savor the fact that you've got a great guy? he wouldn't be wasting his time with you from the start if he were strictly into white girls. I've seen pics of most of my guys previous girlfriends going back to HS. (Hes40 now) all his original gf's were brunette then suddenly he switched to blonde gf's. I'm blonde but I don't obsess over his previous brunetes. As people get older, their tastes may change, evolve. Hasn't there ever been a food you used to hate but now you love? for me it was lobster.

  • Yeah... he's just trying different flavours and colours before he settles down with a white woman.

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