No likes on dating apps?

I'll scroll through dating apps like Tinder and the thing is, I've made myself look good. You can see that I have a good job, a nice car, there is nice scenery around me. What I mean is that you can see that my quality of life is relatively good. And all I'm looking for is a pretty girl that I see the same things in, and I do not get any mutual likes.

Now I'm a fairly good looking guy I think, I'm not model material or a rich socialite looking figure but I'm just a normal guy in my mid 20's, doing well for myself. What is the problem? I have a hard time believing that a fair number of pretty girls don't at least find me cute, at the very least! Plus there's a lot of other perks in getting to know me too, but nothing ever shapes up.

Also, I'm fairly new to the area I'm living in now, so swiping through apps is a fun, and hopefully worthwhile way to get a little more acclimated.


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  • "nice car"

    maybe it's just me but I hate hate hate when guys pose with their cars.

    But anyway we can't tell unless we can see your profile


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  • I don't know man, it's like you have to be super attractive or some shit for those sites. totally based on looks that's why I don't bother with online dating anymore.

    • That's what it feels like! And I know I'm not ugly!

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  • some girls are way to picky

    • By some you mean ALL attractive girls right?

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    • haha ikr, i am talking to one guy now for three days straight but he has kinda the same intrests and works in sort of the same thing as me.

    • i am sure you'll meet some one nice. They can't all be like this

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