Please help I'm so confused? Guy behavior?

Sorry it's long but I need an honest feedback mainly from guys. Ok so me and this guy met last year and we both became instantly attracted to each other we both were hanging out staying out all night having conversation were it was forced like staying out until 7am. He opened up my car door once. He asks me about my recent ex like are we getting back together was a mental thing etc. He listens and remembers everything I say and sometimes even tell me or bring it up again. He always buys my drinks and never expect anything in return I have bought him a few drinks also. I hang around his friends when he is there and vise verse. the list goes on like we really had a good friendship and connected really well. Well there has been a few times that I will tell him I will cut him off but I be mad because of somethings that he does but of course I never really cut him off. So I had suspicious that he plays games even though he doesn't come across as a player it's some stuff he says but I'm not sure if he says it as a reaction or what or not and on top of that people see that we both like each other but he says he doesn't like me when it's obvious. so I called his friend looking for him and his friend starts bad mouthing him like he is making me look dumb pretty much so I ask my friend about it and it denied it so I said ok so a week later something occurred and I got mad and I said I feel like he is playing games and that his friend was right so he explained to me that I brought it on myself etc which in that situation I did and after that he stop talking to me. We were still friends on social until I said something and I unfriended him on everything and he turns around and blocks me from everything including his phone 😔 It's been 5 months since it happened can I get input as too why he did that and is he gone for good?


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  • You know, the problem with questions like this is you want advice but you seem hesitant to share information. Like, he does things that make you threaten to cut things off, but of course, you won't tell what those things are. Something occurred that got you mad, but you won't say what happened exactly. You guys remained friends until you said something (but of course, won't tell us what you said) and unfriended him, then he turned around and blocked you. Then you ask why he did it.

    So here's the thing -- it's pretty clear you like the guy and want to believe that he really likes you back. But the fact that you won't mention the bad things he does tells me that whatever they are, you know that they don't reflect well on him. Five months is a long time and it's probably pretty certain that he's gone for good, but the thing is, if he does come back, I don't think you should have anything to do with him. If this were a good guy, you wouldn't be so hesitant to tell what he did (especially given that no one here cares) and he wouldn't have friends who were trying to get you to open your eyes to the truth.

    • Well basically I felt like he was playing games but he really wasn't it was his words like him saying he didn't like me but yet his actions said other wise and even 2 guys confirmed he did. and he says he messes with other girls but then say he is not interested in anyone? But the thing that made him block me was that i told him I wanna cut him off and I unfriended him and then he turned around and blocked me

    • And what do you mean by the last part?

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