Do dating apps really work?

Hey everyone, so I've been thinking about giving dating apps a try because in my daily life, I'm never around girls (except for this one girl that I work with who I don't like). This started happening to me once I graduated high school, I went to community college afterwards and it was very un-social because everyone just went to class to listen to lectures and then went home, then I left community college and went into a trade school, but there are no girls in any of the classes and it's just all guys in every class.

As for work, I only worked with other guys at my previous job, and now at my current job I only work with one other person, and that's the girl that I already mentioned who I don't like. So meeting someone through work or school just isn't an option for me. And since dating apps are now more popular than ever, I'm considering giving them a try.

But I was wondering what the success rates of them are and if they're even worth the time. So has anyone (especially guys, because dating apps are more competitive for guys and because I'm also a guy) met their current or previous significant other from a dating app? From the girls, I'd like to hear what makes a guy stand out on a dating app and what they like to see on a guy's profile.


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  • Not really


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  • Imma tell you.. I am more social than you if I consider your Topic and dating sites are not good.

    simple reason is that women there are already set a negative mindset and you'll need to switch it over first or you'll just keep texting nonsense.
    some might start of clean it's a blessing.

    for example when I go clubbing with my best friend I have a higher rate of getting to communicate with girls I'dd want to do more than just communicate than if I send out 10-12 texts to different girls waiting for a reply.

    :: don't do it, maybe if you look better in pictures than IRL you may have higher chances than I do :)
    I got a feel my pics send out strange vibes that may be why online dating is not good for me but you could give it a try since you're not loosing anything.

    keep in mind to not set your hopes that high.

    • Yeah that's what I'm thinking is that maybe I should give it a try since there's really nothing to lose. I am curious though, what made you think that you are more social than me? And as for the profile pictures, I have heard that you should try and get pictures that are higher quality than ones that you would take with a smartphone, I've heard that you should use a nicer camera designed for photography that gives you higher resolution pics, so that's what I'll probably do if I sign up for dating apps. There's also so many of them out there that I'm weighing my options, especially between the ones that are free and the ones that charge you money.

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    • But we are fake nice to each other since we work together, but it is still beneficial in a way because it gives me a chance to interact with a girl my age on a daily basis and improve more. So technically I am social with girls in my age group, but definitely not as much as I think I should be.

    • then JUST DO IT!

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