Do guys imagine sometimes having a kid from the woman that they like?

Does it cross your mind sometimes? or just like marrying her.. by the way these are just thoughts Im talking about!


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  • Yes, but typically the thought and dream of having children with the girl comes deep into the relationship when I've fallen madly for her. It's not something I ever did when I simply "liked" a girl. Marriage was something I never really dreamed about. It was something spurred on more by social pressure and some practical needs.


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  • I've heard it does when it's serious.


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  • these are some dangerous thoughts lol

  • Yes I do. I would definitely like to get married and have kids. But it seems like most women are not marriage material and I would not trust any woman I have met so far to have my child. Women today are just kinda fucked up.

    • I agree that majority of women are fucked up, as a woman I agree.. but please think about the minority. I'm not fucked up and I still think about marriage and kids, but ONLY with the man that I love..

    • Will you marry me? :)

      Kidding, but seriously I will keep looking for the right woman and when I find her, I will marry her.

      By the way, most guys are pretty fucked up today too. It's not just women.

    • Hahah funny!
      Yeah do that.
      Yeah I know that guys are too, but I think people in general are just scared of admitting how they truly feel, deep down everyone wants someone special, someone you can grow old with and feel an indescribable bond with them.

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