I'm so lost. This guy keeps disappearing and reappearing from my life, and I still have strong feelings for him but I don't know what to do?

He lives an eccentric life. He plays in a band, he's 27, but he has to work 24/7 in order to support his band and his lifestyle. That said, if he isn't working almost every day long shifts, he is recording music with his band mates or they're traveling for shows. He's a GOOD guy. He isn't some player band dude. He's introverted and just a sweet guy. I'm also in college & it has been difficult to find times to meet when our schedules never work, and we live 40 miles away. I graduate come spring. He hasn't hurt me, he hasn't done anything terrible. BUT we make progress, and we talk and see each other and then He gets busy, he doesn't really tell me, but then disappears. It has been like this since we met last June. I normally would cut off a guy like this because I'd lose interest, but... I actually really like him and we get along very well. Our interests are spot on, I honestly wouldn't mind even being his friend just because we have so many similarities in life and everything, and I just really really like the guy a lot. I've gone on a handful of dates throughout these periods of him being absent, I've been asked out (yes I counted, I'm petty) 72 times by different guys since he and I have met. And I haven't felt a connection like I have with him. I thought this last time was the end, as we haven't spoken for 3 months... I thought I even had moved on. But now he's showing me attention again, and I can't resist it because I enjoy his company so much. It's crazy how fast all my feelings returned, it's as if he never disappeared. He reminds me of all my favorite things, he feels like home to me. And I don't know why because we haven't spent that much time in person together even, but when we talk or when I see him, I can't deny the way I feel, like I can feel my pupils enlarging and my whole being just feels at ease. What do I do?


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  • Talk to him and tell him how you feel about him. there's no use in keeping it to yourself in this situation. And if he is not interested you can move on :)


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