What should I do about my good guy friend? I want him so bad :(?

so me and my friend from work have been talking for about a year now on and we argue a lot but always come back to eachother. why would friends fight so much that are not in a relationship? we have been on a few dates. I want him to commit he doesn't want a relationship and we are very close. we hung out Wednesday and I told him he loves to hurt me. he said he would prove that he doesn't and I asked how and he never answered. can anybody make anything of this? no negative nancies please.


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  • Well if he doesn't want a "relationship" you can't force him into one lol


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  • "I want him to commit he doesn't want a relationship"

    Read this over and over. He's not hiding, evading or lying. He's being very honest about what he wants stop trying to change him. No this isn't the positive, keep the fairytale alive comment you want. It's the honest comment you need.


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