This is the 5th time I get rejected when I'm about to have sex. What should I do?

I have a severe skin condition. It's really noticeable on my forearms so I don't know why girls get surprised when I show my full body. I have this reddish condition all over my body (back, chest, butt) and I had the chance to have sex with 5 different girls. Right when everything is going well, I take my shirt off in front of them and they all quickly went: "oh... well" and they reject me at that moment. They say they're sorry but this has damaged me enough and I can't risk getting hurt again. I go to the gym but is still not enough with how muscular I am.


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  • Have you consulted a dermatologist?
    You need to. 😷
    Also, you should try 8000mg of fish oil (capsules) each day.
    Such conditions are often a symptom of an omega 3 deficiency. The omega 3 in the fish oil will also reduce the inflammation.

    • it's not curable. I went to like 20 different dermatologists. I gave up.

    • Dare I ask the name of the condition?

    • they don't know yet

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