Like guy but scared to commit?

So. I'm 18. I have been talking to this guy for the past three months. At first, I was kind of iffy about him, but as time goes, I'm beginning to see how he treats me and makes me happy. I never had a boyfriend before so I don't know what to expect. He's been in relationships. We hung out yesterday for six hours yesterday and I saw how he makes me laugh, understands my situation, and we share the same values. The only problem is that I know my mom is not going to accept. He's 23 and in grad school while I'm 18 and in college. He has a stable job. My mom wants me to date someone with a small family (he comes from a family of and with the same profession (he's doing criminology while I'm doing medical). When I told him, I could tell it really hurt him and I didn't want to. He said he wasn't talking to another girls and he would wait for me. But the thing is, since this is my first relationship, what if I find someone better? My fear is that I settle too early and the relationship is not what it seems. I would just waste my time.

So we talked on the phone today for three hours and he said how I shouldn't worry what my mom thinks. I know I shouldn't, but what if my mom disowns me? What if she never accepts? So I told him I wanted to just be friends for now and not think about the dating aspect because of the stress. Was this okay? I'm just worried things won't be the same. Cause we text and talk on the phone almost everyday. He's also proved to me that he's not talking to any other girls. I don't want to lose him.. but then again, I want to be able to seek other people so I can get a sense of what I like and dislike. The only red flags with this guy is he seems to be a little jealous of how close I am with my family (his family is distant). But he's shown me affection as he bought me Christmas and Valentine's gift.


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  • you're 18... just enjoy life, you'll have enough time to get serious later...


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