Is fencing a good date idea?

I was thinking of taking the girl I've recently started dating fencing since she's told me it's something she's wanted to try her entire life. I was planning on it being a surprise. However, we've hit a rough spot and now I'm thinking maybe it's not the best idea since we won't be able to talk much and plus I don't want to come off as too strong because that's where our problems lay. She had just gotten out of a long term relationship so she started freaking out when things were going really well between us and backed off, I gave her all the space she needed and she's come back into the picture now. I don't want to spook her into hiding with this though and I also don't want to "reward" her behavior these past couple weeks by giving her a surprise date to something she's always wanted to do.


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  • It's a good idea but maybe wait at least a month to take her. Like maybe do something smaller to let her know your serious. See how it goes, see how she acts towards you afterwards and maybe go fencing for the second date

    • what do you mean "let her know you're serious"? She knows I'm interested in her and that I am serious about her (stopped dating other girls and dropped my friends with benefits for her). That's actually the main issue, she's freaking out because she just got out of a relationship and is now seeing me. Is fencing a bit over the top? Remember, frncing for her is on her bucker list and she was very genuinely excited when talking about always wanting to try it.

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