What to do in a awkward "morning after" situation?

Hi everyone,

So I have recently moved into a dorm house at college and when I was here I met a really good group of friends. However, there is one guy in the group that I liked and I believe that he also liked me. Anyway after a week or so of getting closer we were talking on his bed and we ended up kissing.

Now the problem is that both of us are on a competitive course which requires us to not have distractions. So after we finished we both decided that we had been spending too much time together, which I whole heartedly agree with as I also really need to focus on my course, and that we both liked each other. It was decided that we would keep it "undercover" for now and see where it goes but we will have some regulations on how much time we can spend together. After that he kissed me goodnight. I'm aware that this sounds very weird, and to some degree it is. This happened last night.

This morning I basically avoided him by going to the library early to prepare for my lectures and labs. Anyway I just want some advice on what to do and how to act.

If you can help that would be great :)


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  • Be in or be out. If you think he's worth your time, give him your time, but don't try and make gold out of lead


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