Do they match to each other? Please score them?

There are 1 girl and 3 guys, which guy do you think this girl can be matched with? Why?

If you are interested, please score the following four people from range 0-10
0 meaning the most unattractive and 10 meaning the most popular in the marriage market
e. g. 5, 3, 6, 9 (girl, A, B, C)
(I will reveal the answer in reality when 10 people give scores)

Asian girl, 25 years old, 120 lb., Kinda slim, beautiful with makeup, normal look without makeup
long hair, cute and shy, job as a teacher, Ivy university master's degree,
single child, from a middle class foreign family (engineer and officer)

Guy A:
White guy, 27 years old, 5'9 feet, Normal build, brown hair
Public university phd student, into science, nerdy and loyal, plans to work in a research company
From a poor country family, father in jail, mother is sick, has two siblings, very religious
In debt and poor, plans to work next year

Guy B:
white guy, 29 years old, 6'2 feet, muscular build, black hair, attractive look
ivy university phd, career driven type, sporty, mature and sophisticated business guy
from a upper class successful family in a big city
wealthy and social, successful in his career, salary 200,000/ year

Guy C :
white guy, 28 years old, 6' feet, strong body build, blonde hair
public university master degree, nerdy and sporty, sicence related job,
from a middle class happy family in a small city
stable but not so rich, salary 100,000/ year


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