Okay so my boyfriend got into a car crash last Wednesday. His phone got destroyed and so now he's using some other phone to text me. He has been really poor at texting me lately, last night we were texting and he asked for a nude. I told him that I will NEVER send him one and if he doesn't respect that then he can breakup with me. He said he was fine with that and I said good and tried to change the subject. When I tried to change the subject he said why won't you tho? I responded and said I just told you! He didn't answer me. I tried to change the subject again and still didn't answer. I then texted "k." And he didn't respond. Today he texted me and just said hey and is taking hours to respond. What should I do 😧


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  • He's got a few negative traits, clearly.

    If he respected you as much as you want he would listen to you saying you would never send a nude and not ask why.

    A man is not entitled to a reason why you won't use your body to please him.

    Any man who thinks they deserve either a picture or a reason is horny and unreasonable.

    He's not dropping the subject because persistence works a lot of the time and continuing to talk about it can remove the taboo in some cases, possibly changing your mind.


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  • You shouldn't send nude pics at your age (16?) in the first place. God only knows where those pics will end up at. Say one say he gets mad at you or you brake up, or he gets drunk or someone steals his phone, if it's a good pic others will get to see it too as it will be shared throughout the Internet it will never disappear, what's on the internet stays. Also especially for underages of 18 it's against the law for nude pics you and him could get in big trouble I've heard of it happening before. Under 18 is child prography


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  • He's probably not "all there" mentally right now. Give him a week or two

  • I'd make you wait 50 hours before responding, every single time from now on.

    I mean, you say "no pic", he asks "why not", you must answer that.


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  • I would definitely talk to him in person but you should not let anyone treat you so poorly. You are a lady and you should be treated as such


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