Im 17, my boyfriend is 21?

Im 17 and my ldr boyfriend is 21.

I live in USA, he lives in india , handsome, incredibly sweet, smart, caring and loving. Is the age a big deal?

Can someone tell me what the dating limit is in india?

Started dating at 16.


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  • LOL You started dating an Indian man at age 16 when he was 20 and you're American? Exactly how were you able to date such a long distance? Are your parents LOADED? Maybe you should've asked your parents what the dating limit is in India (as well as America) before you started dating him.

    • We was friends for a while and then started talking as more. Parents don't know yet.

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    • You're right. I will.

    • Thanks very much for MHGO.

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  • You probably shouldn't be dating someone that not only is too old for you but also lives in another country.

    • How is he too old for her? Have you not met 21 year old males?

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  • I think that's on the verge of calling it acceptable. I mean well 4 years of difference ain't that huge.

    And mostly guys and people here in India are pretty much okay with 3 years of difference.


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  • That's a normal age difference. There's nothing wrong with it.

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