Girl I'm seeing wants to take things slow, I'm ready for a relationship, more info in details?

Okay so first things first, we've been going on dates and talking everyday for about a month and a half, a couples weeks of dates we had a conversation about what we want and I'm pretty sure both of us want a relationship but she said she wanted to take things slow, we haven't had sex yet so definitely taking it slow and I'm respecting that, I have been happy waiting for her to be ready, I told her I don't know when to ask her that question, and she told me that I'd know. I've fallen for this girl, I can honestly say that I'm in love with her, everything about her is what I want, she's genuine and trustworthy. It's frustrating for me because I want to be hers! I want to ask her to be my girlfriend soon but I'm overthinking a lot because of "taking things slow" in my mind, how do I ease into asking her, we both show heaps of affection for eachother and see eachother every week, when will I know when to ask her? any help is appreciated.


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  • Don't tell her that you are ready for a relationship because odds are that it will make her run away. She already told you that she wants to take things slow. Respect that and don't bring up that you're interested in anything serious. Also, don't show her that you are overly attached to her. Make her think that you have other options as well. Don't make her think she is the center of your world, even she is.
    I know it sounds weird, but odds are that will make her more attached to you. She sounds like the type of girl who doesn't like it when the other person is glued to them.

    • I feel like its too late for that, I think she knows im attached already, but I've had a talk to her about it and she still isn't interested in a relationship at this moment in her life, I understand her because she works and has to study for university a lot, I still see her for catch ups, your opinion has opened my eyes, I think I might take a step back, thank you so much ❤

    • You are welcome. Good luck!

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  • You've been with her for a month and no sex? I'd
    been more assertive and say put out or get out. NEXT !


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