Can lust and only sex lead to love?


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  • Nope. You don't feel lust for family members (hopefully?) & friends, yet you do love them and you would do plenty of stuff to see them happy.


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  • lust - having strong sexual desire.
    only sexual desire. once you get it. it will be over..

    sex is a part of love. love is never due to sex.
    love is due to sex then there is no difference betwee love and lust.

    so basically love sex and lust are different.
    you have lust with only few people.
    you want sex with many people.
    but you want love from only one person.
    love is rigid and stationery
    where as sex and lust is not...
    . you cannot put all three in same basket


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  • No. Lust has always, and will always be a terrible foundation for a relationship to develop. eventually the sex will grow old and you'll realize you both probably don't have much in common and start to hate each other.

  • nope.. love is a psychological feeling, not a physical.