She fell in love with me. What should I do?

So since 1 year I'm into computer, smartphone and laptop selling business. I have 3 shops. There was a lady (girl's mother), she had couple of desktops built for her some fashion designing kinds of stuff... She has her daughter with her always, we became good friends Her mother and I had very high profits on business (full of cash!!! lol). So recently her daughter had been texting me, initially she said that I'm cute and handsome kinds of stuff (compliments). I took it as a compliment but now she said that she loves me (yes she proposed me). Now I'm really confused what should I do... Let me tell you one more thing... I've a girlfriend (she is crazy for me)... My girlfriend is her friend but she doesn't know about these stories yet. But the thing is that I'm neither attracted or in love with both of these girls... I'm in a big confusion on what to do? I just don't want to hurt her...


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  • choose the one you're attracted or love but as you said, neither of them, just Be Honest and do the right thing.

  • Simple.. tell her ur not interesting in her as more than friend..


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