How to dump a friend I hate?

i have known her for two months but i only hanged out with her because i was just on my own for the first time and i felt alone, but she isn't my type of girl. She is very defensive, angry and she sleeps around with a lot of men, she also acts very tough like she always tell me stories of how she beat this girl up or her exes (i dont really believe her) i feel like its all lies just like she said she only slept with 5 guys, hahha no way.

She is getting clingy and acts like we are best friends and i dont even want to be friends with her... yesterday she slept at my house after partying but i actually didn't wanted to let her in my house anymore because its my house, but she had nowhere to go so i was like yea... come, because i felt bad and couldnt say no (which is always a problem),

she is always cranky and negative and i HATE people like that , it makes me so angry and i feel like i might fight her is she doesn't back off, she is also very stupid and hanging out with he makes me feel stupid. How can i get her off my back without getting into a physical fight, she is just sooo trashy and very defensive.


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  • Tell her that you don't think you are compatible.

    • these things you tell normal people, she is going to take it as offense and she knows where i live

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