Does he only see me as a friend?

I'm seeing this guy and we meet up every few weeks. When we meet up together, we spend so much time together. The other day we met up and spent 7 and a half hours together. He kept smiling at me when I was talking to him and kept laughing at the things I said.

He hugged me when we first met and also hugged me bye and he remembered almost everything I told him in our last meeting too.

I asked him at one point what our relationship was and he got flustered and told me he didn't know and that at one point he was thinking of kissing me.

Since then, we've kept hanging out and I spend around 12 hours with him each time. We are very close on an emotional level, yet nothing has yet happened except hugging each other

Why do we spend so much time together? Does he only see me as a friend?


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  • If he is hugging you that often I would suppose he does see you as more. I am this way with women I like, can be very tactile but not emotionally forthcoming.


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