How i'm sure if a guy likes me and what to do after the first date? It wasn't a blind date?

I'm new on the dating scene after a long marriage. I met a guy on Saturday and after that he texted me and toll me that he's available to go out whenever i wish so i jump on that and told him i was free on Sunday so he came in a motorcycle and we have a very long date and we did a lot. He kiss me 3 or 4 times in the whole day and it's wasn't
french kisses it was quick and gentle kisses. He left me home and then call when he got to his and we talk a little by text this morning, we live 35 to 40 minutes away from each other so if we don't set a date there's no way we bump into each other. Do i need to do something? Should i wait for him to ask me out again? what is the protocol?


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  • Wait three days, then send him a text.


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