Honestly, what is wrong with this guy? What should I do? Should I give him 2 weeks and see where we stand?

I have been talking to this guy for about 8 months, we both live in different states. Now, I was supposed to go see him again the last week of February and he wanted to take me to one of his good friends birthday, and told me to "not show off too much, but to not be Amish either" which pissed me off.
So, I had a family emergency and I couldn't make it, but I told him that I want to come as soon as possible to see him. He recently moved back in with his parents who he does not get along with so I kind of understand that he has been frustrated. But he said he wants to see me but summer would be a better time for me to come. I got pissed because I have been so excited to see him all these months and he wants to prolong it now.
We got into a fight and he said that he's done. I said we should just not contact each other for a while, he agreed. But, I bought him a present and I texted him to see if he got it, he got it the previous day and said "I don't think you have bad handwriting lol, i really like it and the letter was so sweet to read, I haven't received a handwritten letter in over a decade".
I thought it was pretty shitty that he didn't text me, but the next day I said okay i'm glad you like it and it made you smile. Can we talk tonight? He said of course we can talk tonight but I won't be home until later. He always says that so I knew we weren't going to talk but I really want to know where we stand so I texted him the next day in the morning, he said he just woke up and has a horrible headache. I then asked him again can we talk tonight. Hours later he wrote "i'm sorry i'm in the middle of some things right now I don't know when I will be able to talk but I will let you know." I then kept texting him I'm like do you really want me to hate you? What is going on? He then said that he has been in a loner phase for the past few days and he doesn't want to talk to anyone, and that he will talk to me when he talks to me, right now he just wants to be left alone now.


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  • he is doing a local chick and trying to dump you cleanly with no bad feelings

  • Do you want to give him more time?

    • I really don't know what's going on with him, from what I have written. Do you have any idea?

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