He hasn't been online to respond. What should I do now?

So I reconnected with a guy friend about 2 weeks ago online... We talked a lot and we had a great connection and chemistry. He lives in a different state and we talk through this chatroom. We dont have each others numbers. He said he wanted a chance with me and I told him to take it. He also said that he wants us to "officially talk to see where things go" and I said yes thats what I want to. And he told me multiple times that he likes me and that I really do know how to make him like me more and more. Every morning he would text me in the morning and he'd say really cute stuff like how he's ready to work hard for me and he'd call me really cute names and stuff. He is a busy guy bc he works 7 days a week. He said he wants to take things slow and that he's setting the pace. We've been talking for 2 weeks now. He hasn't been online to respond to my last message from 5 days ago and I emailed him 2 days ago bc I was worried…but he still hasn't responded. What should I do?


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  • Wait or move on

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