What's a good way to start a conversation with a shy guy you like for the first time?


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  • You: "hello ( insert guy name), how are you doing?"
    Guy: " I'm good, how are you?"
    You: " I'm fine, mind if I can sit and talk to you for a minute."
    Guy: "sure go ahead."
    You: " I saw you looking over at me and I was wondering/"
    Guy: " no I wasn't."
    You: " I was looking you, you was looking at me, ugh I know. But I was wondering if you might have time to hang out ( insert public place here).

    All you have to do is be witty, funny, open, and know where his mind is at. DONT, OVER THINK, OVERTHINK OVERTHINK AND BY GOD OVER THINK ANYTHING. Your' fail just like some of these girls who pursue a guy. It becomes a huge turn off by girls acting on there thoughts and emotions alone.

    • So true! Why is saying "hello" so difficult to do?

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    • Okay I believe it n you now. Good luck!

    • Yep, just smile and say "hi" to him. If he has a brain, at that point he will know you like him and he will respond with "hello" or something. Then you introduce yourself.

  • Ask for his opinion on something.


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  • Talk about things you have in often


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