Should I keep talking to this guy on tinder even though he stood me up?

Basically I've been talking to this guy on tinder for a week & a day, the longest I've gone talking someone and not meeing them. He is really sweet guy, i like his personality through text, and he's good looking. We made plans to meet on Friday but he cancelled because he had work. we were supposed to see a movie on Sunday but he never texted me and he's texted me like everyday since we matched. i was just so confused why this guy wasted my time, luckily i had back up plans that day anyway. then he texts me this morning how he lost his phone and just found it and he's so sorry and he'll do anything to make it up to me, saying he wants to come to where i work at right now to bring me food and to see the movie on Wednesday. wtf? should i even respond? i just found it odd that on all days to lose his phone, he lost it the day we were suppose to meet up...


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  • I wouldn't bother with him.

    • OP here, and yeah I didn't bother responding

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  • Maybe tell him like tomorrow or something to meet you for early morning coffee or tea. xD and tell him thats how he could start making up for standing you up on dates.

    • And go from there and just figure out scheduling the future dates in person.

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