How do I become emotionless and heartless when it comes to women?

I'm now 25 and I have been rejected so many times like I put myself out there and it's either I don't fit there standards for looks or I'm just not their type. I'm tired of being shit ok cause it's the same routine I'll like a girl she'll reject me then I'll go into a depression and start trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me



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  • You can't control your emotions like that.


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  • Make your moves on women sooner, before you start getting emotionally attached, aka "catching feelings".

    This is a mistake that far too many boys and men make. They meet a girl, talk to her for awhile, start to catch feelings for the girl, become friends *vomits*, fantasizes about her being his girlfriend for weeks or even months and years... THEN he asks her out!

    That's the wrong way to go about things. Make a dating/flirtation move when you FIRST meet her, and get to know her WHILE you are dating her. That way you are more objective, and less emotionally driven, with your decision making.

    That way, if she rejects you, the rejection won't hurt or bother you as much, because you weren't emotionally invested in her yet.

    • Yeah dude this has happened to me so many times it just makes me wanna give up on dating cause it's so damn devastating emotionally

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    • keep plugging away, don't quit... all guys go through a cold streak with dating

    • Dude this is more then a cold streak I literally have never had a girlfriend and I'm 25

  • hmm..
    well I'm 20 and I'm emotionless and heartless
    like when a girl try to hurt me or reject me, I don't give a fck
    or when things when girls as expected, I also don't give a fck
    I think it all depends on your life experiences

    • Yeah dude it's like women just keep shitting on me

    • tell me about one of those situations so I can judge correctly😌

    • Ok so a girl I work with basically said she didn't have feelings for me like that but one night when she came over to my house she laid her head on my shoulder and said how she had sexual fantasies about another coworker

  • Just treat them like shit, they secretly love it.

    • Thing is I wasn't raised that way and it's not in my personality I always respect people

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