How does he remember details about me, during a time we didn't know each other?

This guy that I met in late January remembers what high school I went to. What's even weirder is that we never met in high school. We're both in college and we never met in high school. We are friends on Facebook so he either remembers me or he looked at my Facebook page.


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  • well, I don't know if it's the same, but I'm friends with someone now that I've known who he was since elementary but didn't get to know him until college. We didn't go to the same middle school but i knew where he went based on reasoning. There are two schools nearby he didn't go to mine so he went here. We went to the same high school. I knew things about him based on hear say. Needless to say he felt awkward that i knew things about him, but he didn't even know i existed before highschool haha.

  • He has cyber-stalked you on your FB.

    • Maybe you're right. I've changed my profile picture twice during the time that we've been Facebook friends and he liked them both.

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