Girl asked me out, didn't mention boyfriend. Then I see them hanging out?

So I sit next to this cute girl in Spanish class, and we started flirting since day one. We took our first exam and she told me she would get a better grade, i told her I was and I made it in to a bet. SHE came up with the idea that whoever gets the worst grade buys lunch for the other. I agreed, fast forward to today, and I see her w/ her boyfriend (guy looks like a bi**h) and he is kissing her hand lol. I dont have feelings for her but I was starting to kinda like her. Im obviously going to cancel and make up an exucuse as to not make things weird in class, but why would she do that? Im not conceided but I work out, dress ok, and I dont think im ugly. WTF? Luckily, there's a lot of pretty girls at school. Girls: why would she do that? Does she like me? Playing me? AGAIN, not hurt. but really confused?


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  • She wasn't asking you out on a date...


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