Would you trust him even when he does this?

Ok, there is this guy that has been approaching me, I have really hesitated to accept his invitations or to believe his compliments towards me. He's charming, smart guy, good looking, has a nice personality & so on... well, during class I notice he talks to other girls, looks more like he's flirting with them. Well this morning when I was walking in to the building, he was stepping out with 4 girls all playful and flirtatious. When he saw me, he gained his composure again and said my name to greet me. After 10mins he was looking for me to ask me to trust him... I don't know if I'm tripping about this guy, I see he wants to do things right but at the same time he is going around with other girls... Do you think my reasons are enough mistrust him? Or am I been unfair?

  • Yes, you have reasons to mistrust him.
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  • No, you might be judging to harsh, he deserves a chance.
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  • Distrust him but don't dismiss him. Proceed with your eyes wide open.


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  • I wouldn't trust him


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  • he's just being fake or "playing games, it's obvious" have u tjought about talking to the other girls?

  • he just having fun and he dosent take it srx


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