Acceptable Age Differnce& Family Views?

What is an acceptable dating age difference for you or for your child ( who is within acceptable dating age)

If there was an age difference above your comfort level. Would you expect your significant other or childs significant other to be settled in life? ( have a career, house or not have kids/married)

If your parents did agree. Would you stay with your significant other anyway if you knew it would cause some time of drama/uptightness or choose family and avoid drama.

What are your family views on dating. Does Race, Same sex, or Age matter?
Thanks guys. I love all your input. Im facing a dilemma.

Im 22. Boyfriend is 36. (15 yrs) stable job & both almost done with nursing. Want each other for the right reason and believe if we decide to get married and make a family we are on the same page. My dilemma is my mom. Im asain and he's domincan ( dark skined) and its turning to the point of HIM or FAMILY and I don't know what to do. His color and age is a bother to my family so I don't know what to do without abandoning them. Is there another way?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I'm dating a 24 year old, so obviously that's acceptable to me. Race, sex or age doesn't matter to me. How you feel is how you feel. The only exception to that is if it crosses legal boundaries. If someone is 10, and a 30 year old wants to date them, no, that's nowhere near OK. But as long as the people are of age and consenting, I see no issue with it.

  • my 25 year old brothers girlfriend is the same age as my mom (46) and my family don't really have any issues with her age as long as they are happy. My bro is trans and my parents accept him and would be okay with him or I dating whoever we like.

    I met my girlfriend when she was 15 and I was 17 and her parents were okay with the age difference but a little nervous at first, especially when I picked her up in my car and took her to the movies... her father introduced me to his gun rack as he is an avid hunter but after 3 years he hasn't had to use any guns on me and they know I have good intentions. Also the age gap is certainly becoming less and less apparent as time goes by and we get older and more mature.

    • try to explain to your family and see if they understand... if not that's unfortunately a terrible situation to be in and only you can decide what you want to do.

What Girls Said 1

  • I think it's more important that 2 people are on the same page in life and what they're looking for.

    I mean there are 40 year olds who are not ready for a family and 25 year olds that are. Age doesn't matter, it's more about their frame of mind


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