My Girlfriend who never goes out has stoped me from going out and if I go out one more time she says she's going to break up with me? What to do?

Me and my Girlfriend have been dating for nearly a year now, the whole time she hasn't been out to a party once and i went out before we got together and only now she's really starting to care that im going out

And says she has little trust and if i go to another party she's gonna break up with me , i know it sounds like why dont you just not go to a party and spend time with your girl, well our whole relationship I've never hungout with her i only see her during church thats it.
Im in a tight situation but im open to anything that may help


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  • I see her point of view because I was like that with my long term boyfriend recently. We got over it though, and I'll explain how.

    She's probably hurt that you have time to go to parties and a way there but not time to spend with her. She's worried you're going to drink or smoke and do something she wouldn't like or approve of.

    To fix this I suggest inviting her is the first step. Try to include her in things you do. If she declines, it's understandable because she may not be a party person.

    If that doesn't work then explain to her how you like to go out and have fun. You can't promise to stick to the ultimatum she set because it's not in your personality, and you need to compromise.
    A good compromise is to text her semi frequently during parties and try not to get drunk or intoxicated. That might set her mind at ease. Also attend less parties.

    • Don't completely budge on your side tho. But don't expect her to just deal with it and not be willing to compromise. My boyfriend just called me controlling and wasn't willing to work on it with me, so we broke up. We got back together and he started working on it. Don't make that mistake

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    • I know how it feels , so me and her haven't hung out much and the two times she has she was staying at a mates house with her ex and the other time she was at another mates house and then some house she ended up watching net flix alone with this guy so i got really angry and broke up with her right. That night she sleeped with that guy her excuse was we wereng together witch made sence but still hurt a lot. Yano but both them times she expected me to be okay with her hanging around them both so?
      One more thing id like to get your opinion on every weekend she turns me down says we can't hangout everyweekend what the last year basically and I don't know what to do really

    • That's hypocritical on her end. This relationship honestly sounds toxic Ngl.

      Best thing to do is communicate to her and say you guys are done if you can never hang out. She can't restrict who you hang with if she doesn't hang with you herself

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  • Go out.
    Break up with her.
    Go out again.


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  • Leave. She's obviously got trust issues and is looking for you to fuck up because she assumes that you will. And she's trying to stop you from being you, which is in turn trying to change you. This isn't a healthy relationship.

    • Mmm i go to partys to interact with people obviously but then again having her is all i need i guess , but she dosent like mr going out because she know thats my ex will be there and she has a hard time trusting me

      But in saying that aswell all my mates are friends with my ex and just recently i lost a good friend of mine and being upset n all we all came close and developed a more family relationships *i went out with my ex 2 years ago by the way
      But my girlfriend sorta understood that but she brings it up every so offen and I don't know what to do

  • What's more important to you right now?


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