When it comes to dating a guy, which of these negative factor do you females consider the dealbreaker? Please rank from highest to lowest dealbreaker?

1. No friends/no social life
2. No car
3 Live with parents or roommates
4. No job
5. Bad credit/Debt
6. No college degree

Pertaining to a 30 year old male.

Please list the reasons why?

I'm currently 30 and
1. Have friends/have a social life Plan to travel on a airplane at least 2 times a year.
2. No car and no license. Looking to get my permit.
3. Live alone in a studio paying rent.
4. Quit my job on my own. Looking for a job. I act and do side gigs. Looking for a higher paying job.
5. Have fair credit..
6. Dropped out of a 4 year college years ago. Working on a 2 year degree. Complete vocational schools.

My goal by the end of the age of 30 is to
1. Have more friends. Travel 2 times a year.
2. Have a Nissan Murano and work as a Uber driver part time
3. Still live alone in a studio paying rent
4. Have a full time or contract job that pays good and work as a Uber driver part time and continue to act in videos.
5. Have good credit and raise my score 50 points
6. Continue to go to a 2 year school with more classes.

These factors are not only important for a man's dating life, social status but to determine where there life is at 30.
What do you think about my situation now and where I plan to be at the end of the year?


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  • 1. No job
    2. No car

    Anything else I can work with. I have a BIG problem with a man that is unemployed. Now maybe having no job will fly with someone who is much younger, but for someone who is more settled in their life they would probably go for a man who is more settled. But you do have a lot of desperate women out there who are willing to settle and who will take what they can get. I am not saying that you are a bad person, not by a long shot. I am saying that once you tell a female that you have no job, she will more likely be thinking that she will have to pay for everything when you two go out. Again, this is my reasoning and i am not speaking for all women.


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  • i think nonfriends is the worst. then probably no car then no job. then the roommates ( understandable until about 25)

  • if u r in the us and over 18 you just have to take the driving test and dont have to get a permit

  • From worst to best...
    1. No job
    This just means he doesn't work at all or have any grip on working for what he wants.
    2. Lives with parents
    Its ight i get it but at least be trying. Roomates are okay. As long as you are not an ungreatful spoiled dude.
    3. No friends.
    Me either bruh. But one of us has to have friends or else depression.
    4. Bad credit
    Be responsibleeee
    5. No car
    I dont give a shart
    6. No degree
    You can still be a success just follow your heart and work hard.


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