Version-Guys, Folks who use online dating, what is the main reason you're using?

Reasons why you use dating apps if you've used or are using currently.

  • For fun to check out ugly people
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  • For hookups and NSA sex
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  • For long term relationship
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  • New friends and new experiences
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  • To boost my ego
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  • Other explain.
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  • Wanna see results.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm not currently using any, but when I did, it was just for hookups. Dating sites aren't the place to find decent women to get in a relationship with.

    • Well some of them are surely good for decent women within your search criteria, such as CMB, in my opinion, or OKC.

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    • I never went on a date with someone from OKC, because I didn't really meet any decent woman there, so I can't really have an opinion on that, but yeah, it does seem like you get to know too much about someone before you even meet in person.

      I've used Tinder multiple times for like 3 years, and also never found a decent girl to date. They all have some sort of issue, and/or they just wanna fuck. I have no problem with just fucking, so I don't complain about that, and that's why I like Tinder the most.

    • If I decide to go back to dating sites, I'll give CMB a try.

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What Guys Said 5

  • pretty much for all of them, it just depends on the girl's I meet and what transpires of us talking

    • If you have to choose one main reason, which one would it be as your initial intention on going on dating apps?

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    • Do you check those apps if you're in a committed relationship? Just for fun like once or twice a week?

    • well word choice there, in a committed relationship I would never do something like that as that gives the impression that your looking even if it just for fun. Now if I am in a relationship with a girl and we are not totally committed the. I would definitely do something like that.

  • I use them to troll women.

  • I never used it
    (I didn't load any app)

  • some pass time

  • I chose other because mostly I use it just to waste time when I am bored or have time to waste. I really just like looking at how pretty most of the girls are. I would have said to meet new people and maybe dating, but in all honesty I don't get enough matches for that and even so I rarely get a reply back if I do. I would never use it for a hook up, just my kind of thing.


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