Version-Gals, Folks who use online dating, what is the main reason you're using?

  • For fun to check out ugly people
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  • For hookups and NSA sex
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  • For long term relationship
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  • New friends and new experiences
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  • To boost my ego
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  • Other explain.
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  • Wanna see results
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What Girls Said 2

  • I used it mainly for hookups. You can't expect a long lasting relationship from it.

    • Why do you think so?
      Right attitude at your age should be "not expecting long term relationship before figuring out what I want" anyways lol.

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    • Why are you continuing to argue?

      I have said WITH MY AGE GROUP that is the primary purpose. We both come from different walks of life and have different experiences with it. This discussion has gone on far to long so let's just agree that your generation uses it for different reasons than mine.


    • sure thing. good luck to you.

  • I've used dating apps and made some great friends had some fun dates but ultimately met my man in a local grocery market.


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