Girls, Between two women and I don't know what to do? Really appreciate all advice not joking ones though, very difficult situation?

Okay so first off I don't break up with women unless there's a damn good reason (example: she's never there or incompatible personality) I'm dating my friend (its how all my relationships start out (best way) I've known her for two years, but we only started dating since Jan. Its long distance and I'm fine with that I'm still in college and want to finish before I settle down and she's got some stuff to. She hasn't been able to talk to me much its been 3 weeks (going through hard times). Before 3 weeks she wasn't on for 2 weeks so she's not always able to be on and its a lonely experience you begin to wonder if she's still into you or if she's with another (its happened before).

In order for a long distance relationship to work there has to be a lot of communication for it to stay alive and well since you can't hold or see each other everyday. I like attention, I'm not obsessed with it, but I want to be able to tell the woman I love, that I love her every day.

there's another woman (also a 2 year friend (also long distance) whom I've been in love with for a very long time but couldnt have cause she chose someone else over me (they didn't work out) I still love her, she recently confessed how she feels about me (and it felt damn good). But I'm already in a relationship and I don't know when my girlfriend will be on next. Will she be on again for an hour in 3 more weeks? A month? She said shed be back online full time 2 weeks ago but hasn't shown yet.

I've told the woman (whom just confessed) that if she finds someone (before she can call dibs on me) to take that person and not wait for me. She reluctantly agreed and I hated treating her this way. How long should I wait? 1 month or 3? Am I a bad person to be thinking about letting someone go cause she's not there? My current girlfriend has had guys use her and I told her I won't (I want to be the right guy I have to be the right guy) and this is why its especially hard for me). What do I do?

Ask if you have questions.

If you we're in my shoes you were dating someone and they haven't talked to you in 3 weeks, would you immediately let them go and go for the one waiting for you? Or would you wait for awhile to give them a chance?
She came back online and decided to let me go due to her not having enough time for me but insisted that we remain best friends so it was a loss but I'm happy we can be friends again. The 2ND woman told me to take some personal time she's not going anywhere and I'll take her offer.


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  • I guess you should wait until your girlfriend is online again. See what she says, how things go with her and then maybe you can make a decision.
    However, if she stills absent maybe you should break with her.
    I don't think you're a bad person for wanting to leave her. You feel lonely, she isn't giving you attention and the other woman you like confessed her feelings for you.
    Now, you feel that you have a chance with her because she also likes you. So, it's normal that you have second thoughts.
    Try waiting 2 months and see what happens.

    Good luck!


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  • If u love this other girl then why are u with the first girl leading her on. u have to try get hold of her and tell her what's going on its not fair to her

    • The confessor just told me today. I'm not leading my current girlfriend on I absolutely adore her for liking me I mean I dont feel attractive but she thinks otherwise. Do I just leave a message on my current gfs mailing system saying I'm breaking up with her cause she's not on? Thats horrible I can't do that. What if she comes back on in 2 days?

      In your opinion how long do you think I should wait?

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    • But how long though is enough before I let go? isn't it cruel to wait for a woman when their is one waiting for me?

    • It's like your cheating on this girl. u have to wait to talk to her u can't just go away with a different girl and be happy.

  • just wait for her to come back on and then you can decide

  • You should be with the woman you truly love

    • I love them both, one is not greater than the other. I want to give my current girlfriend sufficient time to come back online before I let her go it only seems fair right? In your opinion how long should I wait?

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    • I know sooner or later I will disappoint one of the two.

      Yes if they are together, if they aren't than?

    • Love always transcends time, even if you're not together.

      As for an answer to your update, you have to know which one. No one can say which one your heart is to choose. I feel you know where you're at, but holding out. I just don't know why..

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