Why would a guy be restraining himself and not following his instincts - like making a move?

I've been told by guys that they don't want to follow their instincts and they are restraining themselves from making a move on me.

And I don't understand, why? I would say I am attractive and not ugly and been told I am a very cool girl and have all the qualities a guy looks for, but for some reason all the guys I've dated said they need to restrain themselves from doing anything wrong. I told one guy that he should just follow his instincts and the guy ended up making a move immediately and we made out a lot... but I felt it's because I told him to do it.

What is the problem? Is it the guy or is it me? Are they scared of something? Or they just don't like me, but their oenis says otherwise?


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  • well its as they say they dont want to do anything wrong if they like u and u have the right qualities they want then it scares them to make a move and mess up the chance they have being with u. now as for the one that immediately made a move it is cuz u gave him the ok rather than telling him to do it. but generally nice guys do tend to restrain in fear of doing something wrong.


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