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On the last day of school I gave this guy a kiss before they let us out. We are NOT dating but we both know that we like each other as more than a friends since a while back, but he never made a move. A little more than a week later he tells me that he is bored, wished that was with him, that he misses me and my kiss and that we should hang out soon. I said yeah, whenever is fine. So he suggested the movies. Now I don't know what to do because we are not boyfriend and girlfriend. and he said it's only us two going. I'm pretty sure he wants another kiss. What should I do at the movies? Act normal? Like the kiss never happened? answers would help a lot.


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  • Just play it cool. Don't over think it. Honestly let what happens happen. If he's trying real hard, but not being an ass about it, throw him a bone. Besides it's only a kiss and you said you like him. But yeah, act normal, and let the good times roll.


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  • You have made the first move.

    He's returning the ball in your court by asking you out on a date.

    soo.you are either one-uping each other or you are now engaged in a romantic relationship.

    if you don't want this, you can talk to him about the kiss and what it meant to you and call the date off and make new plans for something more social.

    or you can go to the movies and hold his hand during the flick. that little physical connection says a lot about a person, it will say a lot from you to him, and when he holds your hand, it will say a lot from him to you. go from there.

    • I don't know if I would actually call it a 'date'. cause he didn't use that word. I would call it more like to 'hang out' for the summer since we don't see each other because school's out. so yeahh

    • But a one-on-one outing to the movies after mentioning that he missed you and your kiss suggests that he has expectations as to how you will react at the movies. he didn't invite you to a party, he asked you to a movie.

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  • If you want to kiss him just act how you usually did you don't have to be like "how bout that kiss" but if he brings it up don't act like you can't remember. If you don't want to kiss maybe you shouldn't go because he's hanging out with you on the assumption that you miss his kiss too. You guys are going on a date so you can choose to kiss or not too.

    P.S. most guys who go to the movies with a girl they like as a potential girlfriend or something can care less about the movie even though they maybe interested in it, its you they're after.