How far in advance is it okay to confirm a date?

I asked out this guy to go to a hockey game (he's on my hockey team - thought it would be a good icebreaker since we share the interest). Last night I was trying to linger around and wait for him without seeming too awkward since at first he said he would have to let me know (I asked him on the 1st, the hockey game is the 19th - he works so I wanted to make sure he'd have enough time to schedule around it, or if I had to find someone else). He was talking to his friends and someone stopped to talk to me and even though I was done talking, he was still chatting and I decided to leave. I said my farewells and as soon as I did, he did the same and followed me out. When we got outside I asked him if he knew when he would know if he could make it to the game, which he confirmed (YAY!) and told him I would message him with details about the day. I gave him my number and he called me right away (still in the parking lot) so I had his number, too. Should I wait closer to the day of the game (which is the 19th - today is the 7th), or should I message sooner so it's clearer I'm more interested in him? Guys, help me out!


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  • id give it a week so u both have time to cancel plans or make sure none r made before the date. its a standard waiting time for any kind of plan really


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  • I think you should message him about your date a couple of days earlier. If you want to message him right now though, do so but don't mention the hockey game. Talk about anything else.


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