Is she shy or not into me?

I'm looking for a prom date, I met a girl in piano class who's name I won't disclose last Friday. I want to get to know her better but I'm confused about what's going on with her. The first day went well, we made small talk and told me she is going to the prom and I found out she's single too. I agreed to myself that I would refrain from messaging potential matches online as it could disconnect us in person. Monday when we spoke she gave interesting body language, she looked straight into my eyes, kept her body turned towards me, and the most interesting one was her leaning towards me when I spoke. I'm not sure what to make of those as for what I've found online those could go either way. She unfriended me on Facebook which alarmed me that it might have been because she doesn't want to connect in real life either. Today when I was going to talk to her I couldn't because she left before the bell rang. What do I make of these things? Is she shy or should I move on? Thanks for your help
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  • She's nkt into you I think


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