Should I tell my parents?

-Secret boyfriend of 4 years on and off through thigh school
-When he was first interested, my parents saw a raunchy text he sent complimenting my butt in white jeans
-Dated on and off because I was afraid of my parents
-He grew up a lot
-I'm a college student and he doesn't get good grades but he is trying to be a cop
-Paying his own school and he's working crazy hours at Moe's to pay rent at his parents and pay for school
-He isn't the brightest but he really does love me
-Came up to my college for five days and we stayed in a hotel and he bought me meals and I bought him meals too
-He's my best friend

-Parents tend to threat to take away their support of my college tuition when I make them mad
-I'm striving to be a teacher and it'd take a long time to pay it back
-It'd look weird as a college 18 year old freshman to seem like I've never kissed a boy or dated anyone
-They could find out
-I want to tell them how that I'm more mature but I'm afraid they will kick me out and stop paying tuition out of rage, but if I keep it a severer it'll be strange that I'll have never dated a guy and they could find out
-Friend says I should wait another 3 years and have them pay and then do what I want.


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  • I think you should have already told them. I mean, you should trust your parents about stuff like that.


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  • if anything try for finacial aid to pay for ur schooling if it goes through then they have nothing to really do to u. its ur life u date who u want. if u r responsible enough for collage then u can handle a boyfriend


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