Why are white women becoming insecure about there a white man?

I am black woman who lives in Chicago and I notice when I get on the train and see a white couples here they try to show extra affection like this one couple... He kept kissing her and trying to prove his love proposefully. I was just looking like really nobody wants neither of you. I have notice that a lot lately... white women are becoming very insecure about their men.. I guess what i dont want him because if you have to prove your love this way in front of people that's not love... Thats showing off... So since these people want to prove their love I guess i will play along... grow up...


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  • But fucked you up your seeing something that's not even there

    • Noooo they tried to make me feel uncomfortable so i did the same like... you want attention you are going to get it... lol

    • They tried to make you uncomfortable huh lol

  • Maybe you're just attractive and they're insecure and know white guys will go for you

    • Exactly... you dont show love like that... I am not that type of girl but with how these shows out here with the black woman and white man. They are scared

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    • @Lolita911 i've seen girls start to purposely kiss their man if there's an attractive girl nearby so I don't think it's even a color issue

    • Me either, but apparently the asker made it one

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  • Or those people could just be super n2 pda. I know my guy is suoer into kissing me if we're out n public, it has nothing to do with feeling insecure.


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