I need help about young girls?

So there was this Girl. We both were in love, but it's was time for a vacation and she forgot everything about me. Never texted me. So after the vacation we were not together anymore.
She wanted to talk with me and she started by saying ¨Im sorry it's all my fault and I have really missed your company¨. I was very confused. So we kissed, but now she is starting to ignore me all over again. Sometimes I'm sending her snaps, but I don't get replies. One of my best friends were also in love with her before I was.
I really don't know what to do? Should I still date this girl or should I forget about her? Please help me out!
It would be very hard to forget her. I have heard that Girls want you to write the messages first?


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  • Forget about her. To me it seems like she is just using you when is is bored and you shouldn't settle for that, everybody deserves more.

  • Forget


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