Single Ladies, where do you look for single guys?

I haven't ever dated, since I was in a long-distance relationship for over 3 years.
Now, I want to meet a local girl, but I don’t even know where single girls go. I've gone to festivals and some meetups and out to the mall, but most women are married or too young. And dating apps are a horrorshow most of the time.
So, where do ladies go when they're hunting for a single guy?


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  • i go to the park. in uk parks are like big gardens where people walk their dogs lol. i sit on benches on nice days and have ice cream, or go walk around and pet ppls dogs n strike a convo lmao but i treat it as a nice day 2 myself, without the goal of 'hunting a man'. that way u genuinely have a good time for urself and not come out disappointed if ur emptyhanded.

    • Sounds healthy.
      That's why I went to the local Punjabi festival. I was hoping to meet a cute, Indian girl, but even though I didn't see many, I ate amazing street food, saw cool dancing and Punjab music

    • yeah! nothing wrong with having a good time with urself or with friends! :) its also good to hang out with people and ask to have them bring their friends too. 3rd degree friends are easy to develop into relationships ^_^

  • To the ball or party. I still go to school so I'm searching in the hallways :D


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