Online dating?

So figured I'd try the online dating thing just to see what its all about... any tips?

thanks everyone! I've just started emailing a guy online... I am using a paid site its called ...thanks for all the advise though :)


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  • Everyone else has given really great advice...

    1) Safety

    2) Don't take it too serious, enjoy meeting/talking to several guys at the same time

    3) Make sure their story checks, if they tell you about their life, past, family, friends...there are ways to verify it. (They're consistent, being FB friends is good because you can see family members/close friends)

    I have met some really, really good guys online and met them in person (too bad, though..just no spark but I'm still friends with them)

    However, there's always a chance that a guy can come off as wanting something more serious but really just wants sex (and isn't honest with himself about it)...but that's okay IF that's all you want to. (Safety, though...)

    Pay sites are kind of better because guys are actually shelling out cash (sad but true).

    I know of two people with success stories from dating online (They are still in serious relationships with the guys they met online).

    • I know 2 people as well the first couple I met got married before I met them, but they met online and are still happily married, and one of my friends from hs met her fiance online. don't know if I'll find my future love but jus figured I'd try somethin new

    • Yeah, why not? Most importantly, be safe :)

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  • i tried it and it wasn't promising. surprisingly, I actually met my love but, not online. turns out it was somebody from HS and it really didn't settle in until later on in life either that we had a connection.

    keep your options open is what I say. be careful about the internet in terms of giving out too much information or meeting "ghosts". also, check around in your own "network" for possibilities as well. you sure you didn't miss anyone?

    • Pretty positive... I really like my best guy friend, but he just wants to stay friends so I'm jus kinda lookin around gettin to know new ppl, not really expectin to find the love of my life through it but if I do thts cool too... jus tryin new things

    • Hi, what do you mean by "ghosts"? I think I know what you mean but I just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

    • Ghosts are people who are not what they are, either because they are stalkers, information thieves, or worse yet, looking for something other than a relationship...

  • Yeah, they work great, if you actually reply to messages and meet up for dates.

  • Dont use your real email address, get a temp one, take your time geting to know someone before you meet them, good thing is their is an ignor button if its not working out...


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  • anytime you meet someone for the first time, make sure its a public place where someone knows you. stay away from craigslist its full of not so good people. Stick with dating sites. Do not send dirty pictures of yourself. You'll never know where they might end up online.

    I met two wonderful men from online. Its really not a bad way to meet someone as long as your safe.

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