A guy I blocked is asking about me to my friends and family?

His asking questions like:

•whats am i up too?
•am i still dating the guy i dated after him?
•who i am dating?
•how im going with my hobbies?
•how my family is going?
•if i still have the same car

His also apparently the one wanting to talk to them while they want to just say hi and thats all.

Even on Valentines day, he knows I'm a florist and told my friend that he wanted a flower from me...

Im really worried. Is he just checking up on me or is he trying to bump into me? Why is he being so curious all of a sudden?

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  • Tell your family and friends not to give him any info and that you blocked him. The last thing you want is a stalker, trust me.

    • It just seems like he is being so persistent that it is creeping me out. When i see his family and friends i dont do this. I said say hi how are you and thats it. But this is a constant thing now and im thinking like you. He even talks about personal matters like he told my mum last week he had a car accident... do you think i should chat with him directly?

    • No, don't talk to him. That only rewards his efforts by letting him see you, he's achieved his objective then.

      Tell your family and friends not to engage with him. And not talk about you. Why are they talking with him at all?

    • This is happening every month or so now. He lives on the other side of town, and he has been bumping into them. It is either a family member or friend. I just want him to stop asking thats why i feel like i need to tell him. He is making my family and friends uncomfortable.

      The flower thing really confused me...

  • Be careful about him. Seems crazy

    • Right? I don't understand why he wanted me to get him a flower? Whats your thoughts? Im so freaked out

  • Where you guys dating? if not that is really weird and you should watch out for him.

    • We dated for 5 months but stopped because he was being sent away for work. But this was 2 years ago.

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    • Yeah, hear him out if you feel comfortable having that type of conversation with him.

    • But also be aware that he might still have feelings for you and since you're seeing someone it could be awkward and feelings could get in the way

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