If you are an extrovert and you are texting an introvert goodfriend/crush/future girlfriend of yours. How often should you initiate texts?

The person will always respond.
The person most likely likes you

  • Once a week
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  • 2-3 times a week
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  • Once Everyday
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  • Twice a day (even if she doesn't respond the first time)
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  • 3 times a day
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  • Well if she likes you then she should like if you text her often. I'm an introvert and guys usually initiate the texts first and sometimes complain about that xD but I can't help it. I just don't text first. It shows me how much they like me anyways.

    • Ok so you don't mind if a guy txts once a day? Would you even suggest that it's a good thing? I don't mind texting things first and initiating events. I just don't want to seem needy or anything.

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    • Thanks.

    • you're very welcome

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